Friday, December 9, 2016

"Mr. Blizzard" is ringing in Winter!!

Mr Blizzard Snowman...

*His head is hand sculpted from a mix of paper and stone clay. I don't use any molds so each and every face is special and unique.

*His facial features are all hand painted and shaded, his nose and head are all one piece ( his nose isn't attached 'separetly' ) therefore it is sturdy and securely attached!

*Mr Blizzards body is made from a vintage style label that is printed on muslin. His arms are made from muslin and are hand painted white. They are wired so they are bendable and can be gently posed.

*He wears a black felt scarf and matching top hat. His top hat is decorated with some wintery stems on the brim, and popping out the top of his hat are snowy wintery stems! Hand painted white tin snowflakes have been attached here and there on the wintery stems for added whimsy!

*He holds a hand painted rusty bell,it's been painted black, then sanded lightly t allow some rusty color to show through, little tiny white snowflakes have been painted on.

* Mr Blizzard stands perfectly on his little hand painted black wood base.
* To the top of his black top hat is 11", then an additional 2" for the white snowy branches sticking out the top

I have kept him in all shades of black, white and gray and I love the look! He is even cuter in person, photos don't do him justice :-)